E Cigarette Cartridges

When it comes time to buy new e cigarette cartridges there aren’t a lot of options.  The majority of us brought our ecigarettes online so the purchase of e cigarette cartridges is usually through the Internet.

But that is changing somewhat now that e cigs are now appearing at your local stores.  The starter kits are every where at the local 711 but not necessarily the refill cartridges.

You are more likely going to find the refill cartridges at a tobacco, cigar, or head shop.

If you have a store close by that sales refillable cartridges then you are in heaven.  If not then I suggest that you order your cartridges well in advance and always have a steady supply on hand.  Cause you don’t want to go back to regular cigarettes while you wait for your cartridges to arrive in the mail.  Nothing sucks more than that.   Especially having to wait for it to get delivered.

Foods that contain nicotine

We all know why cigarettes can be addicting but did you know that nicotine can also be found in other things besides cigarette?  Believe it or not, nicotine can also be found in some fruits and vegetables that we eat every day.

Here, are some of vegetables and fruits that contain nicotine:

TOMATO- This fruit is very healthy and has a good source of lycopene. Did you know that it also has nicotine? The wet weight of tomato is about 7.1-7.3 ng/g, this means that there is 7.1 ng of nicotine in every 1 gram. Studies show that the nicotine level lowers once the tomato ripens. Tomato, belonging to the Solanaceae family, is found to possess a nicotine alkaloid called tomatine.

POTATO- This also contains nicotine alkaloid called Solanin, which is highly concentrated on its skin. Nicotine is higher when the potato is green and sprouting with 42.8 ng/g. While when it is ripe which have 4.3 ng/g.

EGG PLANT- This is second to tobacco, it contains 100 ng/g of nicotine. In simple terms, 10 kg of eggplant have the same nicotine content of a stick of cigarette. This only means that the nicotine content of eggplants is negligible compared to passive smoking.

TEAS- This is not too risky unlike the above mentioned. Green and black teas may contain a small amount of nicotine whether regular or decaffeinated. Studies show that black teas appears to have a non detectable to 100ng /g nicotine concentration. Compared to brewed teas, instant teas show higher nicotine content with a concentration of up to 285 ng/g.

CAULIFLOWER- This vegetable contains nicotine which are not part of the nightshade family, also contain nicotine. Research findings gave cauliflower a nicotine content of 16.8 ng/g.

Can you believe it that these foods contain nicotine? While we know that they contain insignificant level of nicotine, it is still highly possible that some people can be sensitive nicotine alkaloids that might cause health problems in the future. It is not entirely proper to ignore them. Don’t freak out about all this information. Even though this fruits and vegetables may contain nicotine, they are still edible and good for your health.

Lastly you should bear in mind that ingesting nicotine is a lot different than inhaling it.

Recharging your e cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes look, taste and smells similar to real cigarettes, but they work remarkably different. The first thing that you should know is that you do not burn any tobacco, but rather, when you inhale from an e-cigarette, you turn on a “circulation censor” which discharges a water vapor consisting of nicotine, propylene glycol, and an odor that simulates the taste of tobacco. All of which merely indicates that electric cigarettes allow you to get your nicotine fix while preventing all of the cancer inducing toxins that exist in traditional cigarettes such as tar, glue, toxic additives, as well as hydrocarbons.

The electronic cigarettes batteries are chargeable. The electric batteries used in the electric cigarettes uses lithium ion mix to offer electrical heating element. The life of the electric cigarette electric batteries differ depending on aspects like the electric battery type, size of the electric battery used, how frequently it is used, as well as the elements that are utilized. The electric battery is the most important and also the biggest part of an electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarettes battery is linked to a USB charger.  That is how you recharge the battery.

Larger electric cigarettes use a standard dimension battery that can be changed when needed. Smaller sized electronic cigarettes can’t use the large electric batteries, but there are suitable battery sizes that you can purchase on the market to replace them. Furthermore, the batteries used are so small that they are part of the electronic heating elements as well so that are all part of one solitary component.

The improvement of technology has actually made it possible to recharge digital cigarette batteries like mobile cell batteries. These batteries can be charged in a personal charging case which is offered by most ecigarette manufacturers.

Another option is to use replacement cartridges. The nice thing about the personal charging case is that they are off the same dimension and size as a normal pack of cigarettes.  So they are very easy to hold and carry around.

Health benefits of e cigarettes

Trying to stop smoking cigarettes can be hard.  Its because of how addictive nicotine is,  Even if you stop smoking, most people will experience withdrawals from nicotine from time to time. Quitters experience anxiety, irritability and depression. One more side effect is that the strain that it causes of your body.

Digital cigarettes are the newest methods to get you to stop smoking. They are designed to provide help to those individuals who want to stop smoking. Electronic cigars are synthetic cigarettes that may or may not include any type of nicotine. This is the advantage to using electronic cigarettes.

The health benefits of e-cigarettes are remarkably substantial and are recommended to smoking real cigarette assuming they both have the same level of nicotine. There are electric cigars that have different degree of nicotine however, so if you decide to use higher dosage of nicotine then it may not be of any health benefit to you.

For those that use a lower level of nicotine, the health benefits are enormous.  But the goals should be to stop completely.  Those who continue to smoke will be at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and lung damage. The health dangers apparent include persistent bronchitis, a chronic “smoker’s cough,” emphysema, and also of course lung cancer. Smokers tend to have grubby lungs which can become cancerous. This is the most dangerous reaction that cigarette smokers could face. So one of the benefits of e-cigarettes is that they reduce the chances of you getting the above mentioned symptoms.

The other major benefits of this e-cigarettes is that they are tar-free, fragrant free – nicotine vapor destitute any of the contaminants located in traditional cigarettes. The liquid water tank of the digital cigarette could be refilled with “E-Liquids” of various nicotine concentrations as well as tastes. So the benefits of using a electronic cigarette is clearly that they are less dangerous and harmful to your overall health.

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